Why Simple Syrup?

Why Simple Syrup?

Ever since I was little I always loved getting my hands in the dirt. I was mesmerized by watching the little seeds my mom and I had planted grow into flourishing plants. The thought that this little capsule would eventually bloom and fruit and be able to nourish those that encounter it is something that inspires me to this day. How could something so small carry so much power? Even though I’ve learnt the science behind it, I still see it as something magical.

When I moved away to university and had to feed myself, I became not only fascinated by the growth of plants but also the world of flavours they lend to us. From the sweet floral notes of lavender to the woody lemon-pine taste of rosemary, there is an abundance of natural essence from the planet we call home.

It wasn't until I found myself in a very difficult time, that I could identify another layer of what had previously drawn me as a child to dig my hands into the Earth. This darkness finally led me to open my eyes and truly see what we are all blessed to be surrounded by. I am drawn to the beauty of Earth’s flora, in a philosophical sense, and in the magnificent colours and shapes that sprout out of the Earth ever so effortlessly.

Garden Bar was created with this passion and love for plants and herbs, and the challenge of easily incorporating them into our daily lives. I wanted to create an enchanting product to parallel the lush beauty of the earth. And in doing so, helping people become more familiar with the wonderful flavours of nature in an easy-to-use syrup.

My mission is to create an exceptional product that will become a staple in everyone's kitchen.